Wine Lover’s Dream Vacation

Now that we’ve got our hands on the wine Marcus sourced from Southern Australia, which I must say are some of the best wines I have ever tasted, I got to thinking that Australia might be a great place to vacation for any true wine lover. But before I could confirm that to myself I needed to look into a few things, namely to make sure there were enough wine regions in Australia to make the trip worthwhile – if I’m going to be in transit for nearly 2 days, I want to be able to spend 3-4 weeks at my destination.

So, I did some research and here is what I have found:

  • The Australian wine industry is big, very big! With over 2000 producers across the country, you would need months, let alone weeks to try and see them all.
  • The four provinces of Western Australia (WA), South Australia (SA), Victoria (V), and New South Wales (NSW) are home to the majority of the country’s wine regions
  • Some of the more well know regions in these provinces are Margaret River (WA), Barossa Valley (SA), Clare Valley (SA), Coonawarra (SA), McLaren Vale (SA), Yarra Valley (V), and Hunter Valley (NSW).
  • But really these are just a few of over 30 major, premium wine producing regions in Australia

On top of all the great wine, you have one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. Just imagine spending a month cruising along the southern coast of Australia starting in the Margaret River region on the western coast, ending up all the way across country in the Hunter Valley. Warm weather, beautiful scenery, and dozens upon dozens of exceptional wineries make Australia the dream vacation destination for any wine lover. At least for me it is!

Have you visited any Australian wine regions? Any favourites? How about any other wine vacation destinations?