Our Wine Expert – Marcus Ansems

About Marcus:
Marcus is a second-generation winemaker who fell in love with wine as a young boy helping with vintage in his native home Australia. He graduated from Adelaide University Roseworthy program with a Bachelor of Science Oenology major in 1997. Since then he has worked around the world making wine in South Africa, Europe, Australia and Canada. With many years of experience as General Manager and Winemaker at multiple wineries, he really understands from the most intimate level what makes a premium or iconic wine. Marcus has achieved international success with his wines earning more medals and awards than can be listed.

Marcus recently became only the 5th Master of Wine in Canada and 1 of about 340 in the world. He was awarded the Villa Maria award for the best “Viticultural Paper” and the Errazuriz prize for the best “Wine Business” paper in the MW exams.

Personal Note:
I am interested in finding red wines, white wines, and everything in between that you cannot find in Canada at present. My job as wine buyer for our wine club members is to work every day to bring these unique products and their stories to your door.

I will be working directly with winemakers and winery owners to make sure Hemispheres Wine Guild in Canada continues to obtain the most interesting wines available. I will then work with a fantastic group of small fine wine agencies to make sure these wines become a reality in your province.

Cheers Marcus Ansems MW