The Company

Hemispheres Wine Guild is a subscription based co-operative focused on buying and supplying unique and difficult to obtain premium bottled wines from around the world at excellent prices. To our wine club Canada members we provide premium wines, education and specialty wine based experiences at high levels of member service.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to operating our wine club business in a way that is socially responsible.

Wines are carefully sourced from vineyards that are sustainable and use practices that are not harmful to the soil, water or people in the region.

Internally, we are working toward becoming a carbon neutral company. Some of the target areas include:

  • Working with a third party carbon offset organization
  • Carbon offset of all travel including wine sourcing trips and internal travel requirements
  • Reducing paper use to nearly 0% by implementing best practices
  • Carbon Offsetting office energy use
  • Carbon offset of wine delivery
  • Encouraging continued bottle recycling amongst our members