The Next Big Thing

Over the past decade there has been a lot of change happening in the global wine industry, particularly with more and more wines being produced from both established and new regions on every continent. A few years back it was the Australian Shiraz that was all the rage, and today itโ€™s the new comers from Chile and Argentina that are getting a great deal of attention.

I think that over the next few years, wines from Greece will start to garner more global attention as this region puts more emphasis producing quality wines. This region has a very favourable climate and old vines in 7 distinct mainland and island regions. Though the varietals will be relatively unknown to most wine drinkers, these approachable wines at reasonable prices will increase in popularity.

What do you think the next big wine craze will be? Have you been to a region where you think the wine scene is about to take-off? Did you try a relatively unknown wine or varietal that you think has great potential? Is an established wine region about to have a resurgence? What wines are going to take over the shelves in your liquor store over the next couple of years?