Mother’s Day Food & Wine Pairing

Wine- Russian River Chardonnay (Foggy Valley 2009)

Food- Barbecue Bacon wrapped Chicken breasts stuffed with roasted pine nuts, Camembert and cherry tomatoes.
This is one of my personal favourite bbq recipes as it combines the rich complex flavours of barrel fermented Chardonnay with smokey bacon notes, succulent chicken breasts and tangy melted cheese…and it only takes 20 min to make!
1) Roast a handful of pine nuts until browned in a dry pan.
2) Cut up some cherry tomatoes and Camembert into small pieces. Combine with the nuts.
3) Season, and then stuff a couple of large chicken breasts with the mixture.
4) Wrap chicken with bacon strips and seal with wooden skewers.
5) Cook on grill for 7-8 minutes per side.