Food & Rioja Wine Pairings

So I’m sure all of you have received your Spanish wines from the wonderful region of Rioja by now. No doubt many of you will have had the chance to open one or three bottles of the delicious Tempranillo or Viura wines.

“But what do I drink these wonderful vinos with?” I hear you ask.

Here are some pairings that I personally enjoy, but please don’t hesitate to let us know about your own pairing ideas, as well as any questions about the current release of wines.

1) Wines of Rioja with any good friends

2) Gazpacho with Oiz Blanco or Munurate (Viura/Malvasia). This cold tomato based soup is a perfect summer dish and pairs well with this simple fresh white wine style

3) Rioja potatoes with Chorizo paired with Launa Crianza or Solabal Crianza. This traditional regional dish is a real staple in Rioja and is basically slow cooked rough-cut potatoes in stock with sliced Chorizo sausage. The full rustic flavours pair perfectly with the vanillin/leathery notes in the Tempranillo based reds.

4) 2yr aged Montego Cheese with Valserrano, Launa or Solabal Reserva. This semi-hard sheep’s milk cheese has a buttery texture and a nutty/salty flavours that goes wonderfully with the firm tannins and rustic flavours of these traditional red Reservas.

5) Paella with Valserrano Blanco. These complex seafood flavours need a white wine with some body and complexity. The barrel fermentation of this Rioja white fits the bill perfectly.

Post your comments or feedback below. We love to hear from you!