Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contact information for Hemispheres Wine Guild?

Is there anyone that I can speak to with questions or concerns?

  • Please feel free to contact the Hemsipheres office at 1-403-313-0516 or by email to and our member services representative will be happy to assist you.  The office business hours will be 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

What happens if any of my wines delivered are broken?

  • If upon delivery, you find a broken bottle please contact the office at 1-403-313-0516 or send an email to ,provide us with your member information, and indicate exactly which wine was broken.  We will then promptly make arrangements to have a replacement bottle delivered to you.

What is the primary benefit of becoming a member of Hemispheres Wine Guild?

  • Every three months you will receive a variety of premium and difficult to obtain wines from around the world.  Our wine expert will hand pick wines appropriate to each membership level from premium to iconic quality.  On our website you will find a great deal of information about the wine regions, wineries, winemakers, cellaring tips, tasting notes, suggested food pairings and much more to further enhance your wine experience.  We also offer wine events, educational material, and more.

 When will I receive my wine?

  • Wine will be delivered on a quarterly basis with the target date being first Monday of February, May, August and November.  Please note these dates are simply targets and exact delivery times will vary.

What methods of payment are accepted?

  • Membership payments can be made by Visa or Mastercard.

How do I know which membership is right for me?

  • Taster Member Profile:  You most definitely love to drink wine, and you like to grab decent ones every once in a while from the liquor store. You wouldn’t necessarily say you’re a “connoisseur” of fine wine but you certainly know the difference between a bad wine and a good one. Looking for wines can sometimes be a chore because you either don’t have the time or inclination to head to the store, haven’t had the chance to visit many wineries, and often when you experiment with a new wine the quality is disappointing. This membership will get you more for your money at $25 per bottle including shipping, insurance and all taxes, as well as providing expanded experience of the world’s great wines. You’ll be blown away by the quality.
  • Enthusiast Member Profile:  Simply put, you love drinking good wine and you’re interested in expanding your knowledge and reach. It seems to you that the wines in the liquor stores are either very ordinary or overpriced at higher levels of quality and good wine related information is hard to come by. You have a decent level of wine knowledge and would like to expand your palate and knowledge even further.
  • Connoisseur Member Profile:  You know very well that drinking a great bottle of wine is, well, much more than drinking a great bottle of wine. It’s an experience. Whether with a great new recipe, a close group of friends, along with your favourite book, or at a tasting event, a bottle of wine is the enhancer of experiences. You either have a cellar or are very interested in starting one with fantastic and unique wines.
  • Icon Membership Profile: The idea of getting your hands of some of the most patiently and well made wines, from some of the world’s best small producers, under the hands of ultra-talented and dedicated winemakers, and of the best vintages really, REALLY excites you (as it also does us!). It’s a fair amount of wine, so you most definitely want to add to your cellar, open bottles for your friends and family, hand them out to colleagues or clients, and enjoy these iconic wines whenever the opportunity arises. Restaurateurs will be very interested in this membership as a way of offering unique wines otherwise unrepresented in the marketplace for a competitive advantage.

Are there any restrictions to becoming a member?

  • All that we require is that you are over the age of 19, and you have a passion for premium wine experiences.  Please note that addresses that are significantly out of range from major cities may be subject to additional delivery charge depending on the location.  Please enquire with any questions on this. Click here to contact us.

I am from the United States, can I become a member?

  • Thank you for your interest in HWG, but unfortunately, at this point we are only able to service members in the provinces of Canada.

Can I purchase a membership for someone as a gift?

  • Absolutely!  You can set-up a membership for them with their contact information and delivery address. Click here.

Can I split my membership with family and/or friends?

  • Memberships can only be billed and delivered to a single name and location, but wine can be distributed any way you like once delivered.

Can I have my wine delivered to different addresses?

  • Yes, the delivery address can be changed at any time through the Hemispheres website.

This membership seems expensive, can you describe the value offered on the bottle of wine.

  • Through purchasing power, Hemispheres Wine Guild is able to utilize value in numbers to offer members premium, hard to obtain wines at significantly lower prices than would be available otherwise.  As a guild we are able to obtain wines of premium quality by partnering with wineries and liquor distribution branches to get the best possible value on these wines.  If these wines were ever available at a liquor store, they would be sold at a notably higher cost per bottle.

What is the difference between Premium quality, Ultra-Premium quality, and Iconic quality wine?

  • All wines that members receive will be premium hard to obtain bottles.  As the category of wine goes up, the quality of that wine will become even more premium and the actual wines will likely be from very small batches from the best ever vintages.  Iconic wines are wines that will make any wine connoisseur say “wow that was one of the best bottles I have ever experienced!”

Can I purchase more of a wine that I really enjoyed?

  • Yes, log in as a member then go to the wine section on the website and go to the wine you are interested in. There you can purchase a top up membership to receive more of the wine you love. *Note – Wines are sold on a first come first serve bases and inventory may sell out quickly.

Do I ever get to choose my wine?

  • Your quarterly wine offerings will always be selected by our wine expert, Marcus Ansems, who will seek out the highest quality wines from the region of focus. However, if you are interested in a particular wine you can always purchase a top up membership by logging in and going to the wine section of the website.

Will I ever get a say in where wines are sourced from or what types of wine are sourced?

  • Member feedback is something that will be strongly encouraged and will be looked at closely to determine the general preferences and thoughts of our members.  This information will then be considered when sourcing trips are planned.  From time to time, we will also let our members vote on upcoming sourcing trips.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • If you have membership and pay monthly we require 30-90 days notice to cancel your membership e.g. If you cancel in February then you would be required to pay up to March to complete the quarterly billing cycle. This is due to the fact members’ wines are ordered 3-4 months in advance. Yearly paid memberships will expire in 12 months (after 4 wine offerings).