Father’s Day Food & Wine Pairing

Food – 2 Hour Food & Wine Pairing After many unsuccessful and lengthy attempts at making ribs, this is the method I have settled on for making delicious tender ribs in under 2 hours. 2 large back ribs (~2lb) MARINADE: 1 cup orange juice ¼ cup balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp Franks hot sauce 1 cup brown sugar ¼ cup soy …

Father’s Day Wine tip

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put some wines in your cellar that you could drink with your children when they come of age? Here are 10 wines/regions/vintages, which are sure to age well into the 2020’s. 1) 2009 Bordeaux reds – best vintage since 1982, yes they are expensive but worth the wait. 2) 2007 Vintage port – …

February 2012 Wine Tip

When buying wines for your cellar try to match your own palate to a critic who is recommending a wine.  To do this, simply buy a couple of highly recommended wines from different critics and see which ones you like.  There is no point filling your cellar with styles that in the long run don’t even mesh with your own …

Cellaring Rioja Wines

I get lots of questions about cellaring wines and the best time to drink our various offerings. The Rioja wines offer a lot of potential if you really like to lay your wines down. Here is a general guide as when to drink the various styles from this offering. Un-oaked Whites – This includes the 2010 Oiz Blanco and 2010Munnarate.These …

September Wine Tip

Wine Cellaring-Managing when to drink and what. So, not everyone can afford a temperature-controlled wine cellar with the inventory management software to go with it.  Here are a few tips to help the modest collector. 1) Always buy at least 2 bottles of any wine you want to cellar.  This protects against bad corks and will allow you to check a wine’s …

Marcus’s June Wine Tip

Was it a good vintage? Vintage variation is generally less in warm new world wine regions such as California, South Australia, Argentina, Chile and South Africa.  When buying wine from “Classic” regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy or Champagne then it sometimes pays to know what years to avoid.  Generally the price goes up in better years and down in poor years. …

April Wine Tip

When buying wine in the liquor store, always make sure the wine is into the neck of the bottle and is not lower than other bottles on the shelf in an upright position. A low ullage could mean oxidation, leaky cork or poor storage.

Favorite Food & Wine Pairing

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than fresh oysters (my favorite Canadian oysters are malpeque from PEI) with a pinch of sea salt and squeeze of lemon paired with a great champagne or sparkling wine.

March Wine Tip

Have you ever pushed in a cork?  The simple solution to stop this catastrophic event is to sharpen you corkscrew.  Simply take a butchers’ sharpener or a wet-stone and give it a quick sharpen.  In 30 seconds you will be amazed how much easier it will make the process of getting into the good stuff!

Wine Tips

Do you ever get headaches from wine? (No, I don’t mean after the 3rd bottle!).  The most common allergens in wine are “histamines” found mainly in red wines or sulfur dioxide, found in higher levels in cheap, sweet white wines.  Try buying good quality dry, unoaked white wines or rosés; it may help avoid that pounding head of yours!